Tuesday, July 28, 2009

taught to throw (Free Write A: Draft 3)

It was you who threw the first stone
who encouraged everyone to follow your lead.
You taught us the best stones to find: smooth flat and round.
You taught us the way to hold our hand to dangle our arm to lean over just so: bent at the knees head cocked, stone thrown near parallel whipped with a fast flick of your wrist.
You taught us what it sounds like when done right: kerplisch kerplisch kerplisch.

Monday, July 27, 2009

human thin

a silhouette, still
standing, reminds us of a wall,
its concrete at times carrying
a weight far heavier than the stone:
humans carry along what they drag behind.

a road revealed soon becomes more traveled and
when the earth rotates on an axis defined by science
and not by touch it soon too exhibits
an orbital wobble.

a circle, perfect but
the quick path is not always straight,
the sun shines between cirrus clouds
and in humble mumbles we utilize
the cracks and corners of small places.

and lonesome, an absent
empty frame,
never to be full.

through time and the inevitable way that objects change;
and in seeing erase the past
in listening write the present
in thinking foretell the future.
only from hope breeds fear.

living lasts only so long
dying is short,
forever without pain,
absence of thought, only still the constituent parts
of protons and neutrons and electrons,
at the heart of the matter.

two ends pull
until one end resigns;
until the shorter end
tires, two ends pull.

fabric is not as strong after washing.
a strong root dies if it rains too much
laying down is dying
though gravity always wins.
the end of it
most times human thin.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Relative as humidity

Water droplets
begin relative as humidity,
form shape and softness
then roll down leaves
of skeletal and firm constitution.
Tears collect at tips as crystals
and for a moment they cling, then
a quiet phud
as they fall through gravity:
moving magnifying glasses
shattered upon the grass.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rarely warm days

Cold winter nights
rarely warm days
by science
by man.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Walk through.

Walking, hands in motion
agitates the cool layer of air
beneath the zippered underarms of a rain jacket.

Feet, ragtag holes through worn soles
damp clings to feet
yet still my pace brings me nearer,
yet still I'm left wet bare on the rock:
limestone dissolves
into sinkholes and sunshine blinds my sins.

Walk, step left step right and on and on...

Exhale into soft spread fabric covered in cool condensation
until it's life warmth fades and sublimes into this air we share.

Walk up await
the coming morning
and from dawn's perspective see
between the lines
the prickly sensation of red weather-raw flesh
and goose bumps too loose
some stand their cheek skin stretched
thin, pale lips groping for life as barely
as a five-cent return on a beer can;
some apt to hone skills,
the genius of stale tobacco turned into streetwise cigarettes;
while others, stumbling foot in front of foot
walk in suspended time,
broken and half-human but for some inexorable craving
for beer for meth for crack for crazy
for tears mixed crimson
in the world's grim grochan.