Wednesday, October 14, 2009

belly of the beast

Our bodies grow
of and from
nature impregnable;
though wind tunnels travel through
sandblast hard metal caps
and building’s tumbled rock

and dagger glass red cut carpets
beaten hanged and rotten
left to be eaten,
left to be left inside the heart ache
mind of quashed dreams
sound rattles on
licked out
dried dead drums
of fine furs).

I recall the rhythm
of pebbles thrown,
concentric circles lapping the edges
of memory
of pumpernickel lives;
hindsight condemning misdeeds
of condoms seen
and memories that no longer lift
the lighter weight of spirit
kismet my dream,
the bowels of the belly echoes;
for today the coming of a breathless shaking tomorrow.

But do not forget breakfast:
tofu scrambler green pepper onion tomato

home fries black pepper and onion oregano,
digest while I rage
digest while I ride
digest while I read;

in the belly of the beast.

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