Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So it goes.

Seas flush with life and beingity crawling
through filth, through intestinal rot, through blood and brains,
kneecaps and legs of remembrance, filth scrubbed off
on to welcome mats in showers and on street corners everywhere.

Conscience rises carbon monoxide mountains carbon dioxide deserts,
millennia approach and vanish at a rate too zoom-zoom fast for our minds.
Consequence, the black twisted liver disease,
but no cause of concern (no domino fall beginning but intermediary or ending)
new species rise
after old species fall
and the ruby red visceral meat that really matters continues, unabated by human standards.

Empty hunger and severed limbs,
supposed awful question but about face awful truth no man no news at infinity
awful truth.
Conscience grows knowledge like trees of life
and the eyes of the masses (take a deep breathing plunge)
gambling spree
economic growth
murders at eleven
feed unappealing the feeding frenzy where blood of
friend or feast or
either or
fills the water and is traced to its source,
soon joining the soft, salty innards of laissez faire consequences. Shark belly.

Rising Action.
Buildings rise, their very creation birthing verbs; to build, not
to forget lessons but instead to shackle them deep with wine
in deep tunnels,
brick of dank and wet
rock the humid hot; walled up behind under,
not forgotten,
but instead set aside
the “first world” becomes the “third world”
burned votes and a confetti media mockery,
confessions of serial death penalty rapist murderers,
supreme courts bought and paid for:
let’s not name names
do deeds or mark these recent tragedies;
let’s get on with our lives.
Questions brought up, swept under carpet
take a bow though curtain closed.

Trumpets blare, perpetual personal privatized loud and clear: losers
talking hundreds of thousands women and men flip flop,
under toe mandate rising morning sunbeam. Information not made up though truth
the arbiter becomes a point of view, the cultural equivalent of the spiritual insurrection of subjectivity, birthing socioeconomic relativity.

Enter the dragon.
Spires of plumes,
fire, smoke and sand dunes.
Remember: sudden.
Great roach motel toilet flushing,
swirling of shit; certainly no one with our naivety fathomed that day.
plumes of smoke rising.


Rest and relax over at last.
Blood baths roll on,
ambitions attempted,
dicks whipped out and measurements taken;
though I don’t disclose names, never,
brainwash brandy wine brainchild
I am.
Champions crowned, oral sex follows; the usual gig for a usual Saturday night.
Crown prince of Hades and a fairy godmother from Texas to match
versus all.
Pragmatism and turkey dinner traditionalism; dull the quiet dog, moans unheard though decisions be made.
Bomb; verb, noun and adjective.
(Constitutional amendments seen, appendices please).

Admitting fault impossible
plausible deniability without accountability
the gleaming sword heir apparent
of the socioeconomic-political machine tearing through nuts and bolts;
verb: rebuilding (foundations dug up and rendered mute),
disseminating Anglo English Americana, though language
the dynamic beast of burden it be,
changes of its own accord and to wit, languages spread, diseases spread,
empires tumble, yada yada yada; the condemnation of repetition.

Still, terror and its stepsons fallibility and retribution must not be
opportunism the potted meat product,
who eats this stuff but some do.
Breadbasket wooden specters of phallus. Alphabetical timber.

Think consequences and at least think;
opinion poll world looking outside from the inside
no tears though dead,
onto the rubbish pile of history we tread.
Petroleum pestilence. National security machinations robber baron ideology.
Come back think long term; we don’t do things because of what we have done before
but from the infested promise of tomorrow,
the unabated conquest of paradise, of twisting and cutting off tongues, we do.
Highway environmental degradation
the denial of
lust of
togetherness, that closer we might have been brought,
communal the breath of being;
togetherness and earth children.

Here on oil truck, the gas
tank of perpetual impossibility be damned,
personal privatized tran-sploit-ation.
Human in car and ignorance is bliss and oh, this contemporary era.
Highways bridge gaps and scars in single bounds; unfettered access becomes the minstrel of wretchedness the misery of concept, to bludgeon those around him,
sweeping down the mountain,
carrion for bait,
automobiles of death
headlights running down headlines for
thirst for, burst for,
blood vessels of the mongrel race,
any god be damned, flipping a burger part-time paradise. Never reversed
never revealed and never embraced
that knowledge like
trees of life
spring bud flower suckle bee and the cycle requited.
Have a breath.

Community and lessons learned. Damns rebuilt torn down
and iron shackles hacked, burned and melted into nuggets of veritable hatred
then lost; buried forever,
even though we fuel fear to fuel cars. Lesson infinity,
moral ambiguity and personal ambition. Power makes noise,
sniffles and garbage and last nights dinner,
the blood of our children, the ironic return of the communal shower and birth tradition.
Truth of a personal nature strikes a blow but for how long?
Ambivalence has led to disgust but at what cost?
Healthy forest initiative, clear-cut removal of fuel
(return trip camping unsustainability)
inevitable engines spinning,
black top death on top
pistons piston head down head toward
empty hearts replaced,
refilled and revolved.
And will this be heard,
this restatement of ethical demand?

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