Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thin Sheet; rough draft

A man and his sign are not much at all
dig those trenches boy until you can't dig anymore.
Smack, pot, high octane forties, the seduction of the screen
pale in comparison to the world that I see
(though my eyes may be Portland fogged in
on a long rainy night).
Lately these long nights I linger awake
the sweat and stink of my breath my armpits my crotch
sing into my nostril airs
also scented a thin sheet pulled tight in this cool but all too warm and humid autumn eve.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Letters on a Plate; rough draft

Indeed I followed too far and this is not
unbound I say goddamn can you believe what the maker said
when you can't believe the maker?

Emasculated jellyfish sit in packs off the Florida coast
awaiting an unspoken invitation
to thuggery
so we deal out the card until Jokers wild.

UFO landing in Arizona reads a bumper sticker.

Lickety-split and still I lick the cream of memories.

Wonders upon wonders speaking through mirrors
I guessed the return of the elephant
and here it comes trampling the earth and all who walk on her.

Faster than lightning the program goes unbroken
typist finger digitalis heals all maledictions.