Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rhyming exercise #1

This is a simple rhyming exercise. Here are the rules and how you can vary from them:
1. Last word in each line must rhyme (or first word, second word, etc.)
2. Every 5-10 lines you must use slant rhyme to switch the rhyming sound. (or you could give more exact requirements).
3. Repeat steps 1-2 as long as desired

Mail I need to send
heaven forfend
can you let me in?
May I begin
to look through your many bins
this is not a sin
must start this over again
everything that can will remain
because everything stays the same
changing the rules but playing the same old game
the same game under different names
no one and everyone is to blame
societies maimed
and made lame
even if we never came
all at once we swung our canes
dapper dressed we walked down the lane
between buildings, the two busy streets, main
thoroughfares one-way routes bargain
your life away with what little that remains
can we stay?
Can we play?
Can we dance this day
Can we laugh our pain away?

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