Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Random Poetry Pieces; draft

Shitting Black Tar

For many my dance became the only thing worth waiting for
and all the week went by
as if the sweat boiling on my brow, the great heights I stood dizzying among,
the tension in the air, thoughts juggled while people stared,
made up for puking out metal shards and shitting black tar.


Flipping dishes in the sink
watching bubbles upward blink
pop with poof and after time they're all gone.
Sudsy water left to scour hearts
delve deep the molecular structure of plates and cups and utensils.

I can't stop mixing feelings with volcano thoughts

I can't stop mixing feelings with volcano thoughts
and I want to write about all the things in the world
but sometimes you need to put crap down on paper before you get cuisine (kind of like the digestive system in reverse

and dark of night riding down asphalt roadways
nicknames River Road or Martin Luther King Jr Drive:
whistling (not) as I ride headlights running me down and passing me close
the ride keeps on riding,
miles pass river never distant
trees scatter Fairmount parkland punctuated by pavement for parking
non-native species creeping up and tearing down 2nd generation trees
geese and goslings and goose shit piling high in the grass and pathway
but I who choose the road avoid gutted
mutilated rotting geese carcass tossed on the bike route.

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