Monday, March 28, 2011

Letters on a Plate; stream of consciousness

Indeed I followed too far and this is not the fa lalalala
but only the la lal lalalala
unbound I say goddamn this shit can you believe what the maker said
when you can't believe the maker?

Emasculated jelly fish sit in packs a pace from the Florida Coast
they wait while floating, they await an invitation for thuggery
not the passive aggressive type but yes the passive aggressive time so deal with it baby!

Times are difficult indeed they are I didn't miss them memos and who ever said that you'd run for president anyway.?

The staplers gone? Nevermind the Bollucks. UFO landing in Arizona reads the license place. Amazing how they fit so many letters on a plate.

Lickety split I've been here before and still I lick the cream of memories in writing doing so again so what you gonna do?

Wonder filled with wonder speaking in a mirror can it be done I guess the return of the elephant because here it goes

fast as lightning the program goes unbroken just a lie as written by the Tigger T I double G ER typist of fingers digital heals all malfactors, digital the rebound and no one.

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