Monday, April 19, 2010

Outlast the Winter: Draft #2

In the springy depths of tumbled turves full of green spiky leaves
guarded from the stiff breeze
maybe I might outlast the winter.

Shining light crescendos an arc that suits as the star fruit
eaten still at intervals non known among the gringos of the north
maybe I might outlast the winter.

Reality waiting in patterns upon the deep azure sky
planes fly by chem-trails draggle behind
spikes of light like dagger strikes at the moment of death
maybe I might outlast the winter.

Letters written house phone cell phone communication satellite
Skype-like techno bubbles rising through electronic brine.
IM me FB me Message me
maybe I might outlast the winter.

Pumped full of adrenaline in the cold air and too embarrassed to speak
we nevertheless shit out each breath,
leave entrails behind
inhale contaminated air:
white powder waits in hair for the next drug test
heroine courses through veins until the next death...
Pharmaceutical stereotype of human degenerative disorders
pestilent pock marks on our souls
a marriage of cares
stop care about other care's care:
Want to know who makes me hot as fire on a cold winter night.
Want to tell me what but what
who tell them what?

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